Commissioners and Staff

The policies of the Land Bank are executed by five elected Land Bank Commissioners who serve without compensation administering the Land Bank Act, land acquisition, and property management. Eleven full-time, year-round staff members are employed by the Commission, including its Executive Director, Assistant Director, Administrator/Finance Manager, and property management staff.

Neil Paterson Chairman April 2026
Kristina Jelleme Vice Chair April 2027
Allen B. Reinhard Secretary April 2028
Mark Donato Treasurer April 2025
John J. Stackpole Vice Secretary/Vice Treasurer April 2024
Jesse A. Bell Executive Director
Susan C. Campese Administrator/Finance Manager
Eleanor Antonietti Special Projects Coordinator
Marian Wilson Assistant Administrator
Emma Kantola Communications & Outreach Coordinator
Environmental & Agricultural
Rachael Freeman Director of Environmental & Agricultural Resources
Guthrie Diamond Field Ecology Coordinator
Elizabeth Phelps Permitting Assistant
Claire O’Connor Encroachment/Conservation Restriction Manager
Emily Goldstein Murphy, PhD Research Ecologist
Property Management
Jeffrey Pollock Property Foreman
Robert Earley Property Manager
Richard Schraff Property Steward
Thomas Geras Property Maintenance Technician