Preserving and Protecting
Nantucket’s Open Spaces

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Conservation, recreation and agriculture for the benefit of the public in perpetuity

The Nantucket Land Bank was created by a 466-to-1 vote of annual Town meeting
in 1983. Since inception, as the first of its kind in the nation, it has served as a model
for other communities across the country. For over 30 years, we have worked to
acquire, hold and manage key open spaces, provide waterfront access, preserve
scenic views, protect ecological resources, promote local agriculture and create
outdoor recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

Painted Turtle


The Land Bank ensures that rare and endangered species that are present on our properties thrive through adaptive management of early successional ecosystems.

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Miacomet Golf Course


Along with conserving open space, the Land Bank provides additional active outdoor recreational opportunities for residents and visitors.

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Tomatoes at Sustainable Nantucket farms


From protecting pastoral landscapes to providing additional acreage for cultivation, the Land Bank helps support local farmers and food production in the Nantucket community.

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Photo by Bill Hoenk

Land Bank News

A visitor enjoying the Creeks Preserve view from a hammock

2023 Year in Review

Photo by Bill Hoenk 2023 was an incredible year for the Land Bank! Property improvements were a main focus, including

Guthrie and her dog, Clover

Staff Spotlight: Guthrie Diamond

Guthrie Diamond, Field Ecology Coordinator, has been with the Land Bank since 2019, and has a hand in almost all