Featured Properties and Trails

Prime examples of our properties and the range of outdoor activities they offer

Gardner Farm

Gardner Farm

This property was purchased from the Gardner Family in 1995. Now known as the Gardner Farm, this 41 acre parcel

Hinsdale Park

Hinsdale Park & Discovery Playground

Hinsdale Park, located on Old South Road, is a multi-use area dedicated to outdoor play, fitness and community gathering. It

Beechwood Farm

Beechwood Farm is located in Polpis, which was originally the agricultural center of Nantucket. The name is taken from an

Trail at the Smooth Hummocks Coastal Preserve

Smooth Hummocks Coastal Preserve

The Smooth Hummocks Coastal Preserve provides a beautiful location to walk along the south shore of the island and serves

Boardwalk and tree on the wetland edge.

Lily Pond Park

The Land Bank acquired Lily Pond Park in 1986. Located just a short walk from downtown, this park offers a

Head of the Plains

Head of the Plains is a vast corridor of conservation land, with more than 1,000 acres jointly owned by the

Stump Pond

Stump Pond is another property that is jointly owned by the Land Bank and the Nantucket Conservation Foundation. The single-track

Sanford Meadows

Sanford Meadows is a scenic 165-acre property located on the Western end of Nantucket off of Madaket Road. Along with

Burchell Farm

Our 70-acre Burchell Farm property runs along the northern half of Miacomet Pond. Its location allows it to serve as

Trott’s Hills

Bisected by Madaket Road, the Trots Hills property is owned to the north by the Nantucket Land Bank and the

Reyes Pond

In 2017, the Nantucket Land Bank acquired what was the Reyes family property at 219 and 231 Polpis Rd. The

Codfish Park Playground

Codfish Park Playground

Located in historic Codfish Park, the playground property was generously donated by the Lockhart Family in 1995. The original playground

Handicap Accessible

View of Polpis Harbor from Holly Farm

Holly Farm

The Holly Farm property was originally owned by Donal and Marie Craig, who grew and harvested holly for local sales

Long Pond Landing

This trailhead serves as the western-most access point to Head of the Plains. Head of the Plains is a vast

View of the Harbor from Shawkemo Hills

Shawkemo Highlands

To reach the Shawkemo Hills trail system, take the first right hand turn off of Polpis Road after North Pasture