Hunting Guidelines

For many, hunting season is eagerly awaited, but for some, it represents a potential cause for concern. Much of the time, hunting is done responsibly and with safety and respect for others. Additionally, by controlling the deer population, hunting plays an important public health role in reducing the incidence of tick-borne diseases. This not only has benefits for humans but also the overall health of the deer herd and our native plant communities.

The hunting dates for the 2024 deer season are as follows.

  • Archery: October 7 – November 30
  • Shotgun: December 2 – December 14
  • Primitive firearms: December 16 – December 31

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts provides a 2024 hunting season summary, which includes hunting dates for animals other than deer (e.g., rabbit, hare, crow, etc.), in addition to their migratory game bird hunting regulations.

Most Land Bank properties are open to hunting, with only a few exceptions. Hunting is prohibited at Burchell Farm and Cato Commons (previously known as Trimpi) trail systems and the recently acquired property at 15 Burnt Swamp Lane. These specific properties will also be posted with signage prohibiting hunting at the entrances. For other properties that are closed to hunting, visit the Nantucket Conservation Foundation’s website: Hunting | Nantucket Conservation Foundation

Hunters, please remember:

  • No hunting on Sundays.
  • No hunting within 500 feet of a dwelling in use.
  • Be aware of which properties are not open to hunting.
  • All carcasses/remains must be removed. Hunters have the option to dispose of remains free of charge at the dump, located at 188 Madaket Road.
  • Please hunt safely and be aware of pedestrians, dogs and other pets, bicyclists, and other non-hunters who are out enjoying conservation land.

Non-hunters, please take note:

  • If you would like to avoid areas that are open to hunting, we recommend you seek out properties where hunting is prohibited.
  • Keep dogs on leashes and preferably wearing bright orange hunting vests or reflective collars while out walking.
  • Wear orange or other bright colors while out recreating.

Hunting season represents a window of time when public lands are shared perhaps more than ever. Land Bank properties are open to the public for many purposes, and it is up to all of us to be mindful and respectful of one another. For Land Bank-specific questions, please call our office at 508-228-7240. For general hunting information, please visit the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife webpage here: Hunting Regulations |