Enjoying Land Bank Properties

Follow these tips in order to ensure your use of Land Bank properties is safe and enjoyable:

  • Nantucket has one of the highest rates of tick-borne diseases in the world. To minimize your risk, stay on the trail and avoid tall grasses, shrubs, and hanging branches. Wear boots with socks and long pants when possible and check your family for ticks daily.
  • Learn to identify and avoid the three shiny leaves and white berries associated with poison ivy. It is one of the most pervasive plants on Nantucket and is found near beaches, on wooded trails, near wetlands, and in the moors.
  • Most Land Bank properties are open to hunting in the appropriate season. Pedestrians are encouraged to wear bright clothing and keep pets on a leash. Click here to review our hunting guidelines.
  • Please note that not all of the dirt roads and passable trails are maintained on a regular basis and some may only be traversable with four-wheel drive vehicles. Even with four-wheel drive, you may need to reduce tire pressure on particularly sandy patches. A beach sticker is required for driving on many beaches.
  • Please remember to keep Land Bank properties clean for all to enjoy. It is your responsibility to pack out your trash.
  • Dogs are allowed on beaches and trails but we ask that you please pick up after your dog. There is a leash law on Nantucket. For the safety of both dogs and humans, please comply with this regulation on Land
    Bank properties.
  • Please be advised the Land Bank does not permit overnight parking at any of its properties.

The Nantucket Land Bank accepts no liability due to injury resulting from use of information on this website or its properties. Use of the trails and recreational areas is at your own risk.