Burchell Farm

Our 70-acre Burchell Farm property runs along the northern half of Miacomet Pond. Its location allows it to serve as a gateway from the Miacomet Ave and Mizzenmast neighborhoods through to Smooth Hummocks.

Burchell Farm showcases the ecological gradient that is present along the south shore of Nantucket, where the beach transitions from dune to sandplain grassland, and finally to forest as you move away from the ocean. The property is dominated by pitch pine forest, with a grassy understory. The 2.3 miles of single-track trail runs mostly north to south along Miacomet Pond. Its proximity to this water source makes it a great birding spot!


Burchell Farm has two main access points. Parking is available at 28 West Miacomet Road. From Miacomet Golf Course, head east on West Miacomet Road. After 0.5 miles, the road splits. Take the road to the left, and parking is available at the end of the cul-de-sac. Alternatively, parking is also available at the Mizzenmast extension. From the intersection of Bartlett Road and Mizzenmast Road, drive south on Mizzenmast Road. After 0.3 miles, the road transitions to a dirt road. After an additional

Property Marker

Nantucket Land Bank Sign Post

Land Bank trails are marked by the post shown here. Most Land Bank trails are created as loops and if you follow the arrows—the trail should return you to where you began.