Miacomet Pond

Miacomet Pond is a 43.5-acre freshwater pond, stretching 1.5 miles long, located on the south shore of Nantucket. This glacial outwash pond provides valuable habitat for painted and snapping turtles, as well as a variety of fish, including yellow perch, pickerel, bass, and bluegill. Visitors may observe birds foraging around the pond, such as ducks, swans, swallows, egrets, and red-winged blackbirds. Miacomet Pond, peaceful and quiet, is an ideal place to go kayaking, canoeing, and hiking.

Canoe and Bird photos by Bill Hoenk.


30 W Miacomet Road


From town, drive south on Milk Street and continue onto Hummock Pond Road. Proceed on Hummock Pond Road for 0.7 miles, then turn left onto Somerset Lane. Turn left onto Somerset Road, then take a slight left onto W. Miacomet Road, and the parking area will be just past the golf course on the left.

Property Marker

Nantucket Land Bank Sign Post

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