Sesachacha Pond

Sesachacha Pond is located on the east end of the island and is Nantucket’s largest body of brackish water, as well as the island’s largest kettle pond. Kettle ponds were formed during the retreat of the Laurentide glacier approximately 18,000 years ago. The glacier left behind ice blocks, which slowly melted, leaving behind deep depressions in the ground. Rising sea levels pushed the freshwater lens upward, flooding the kettle holes and creating kettle ponds, like Sesachacha. Click here to learn more about Nantucket’s pond geology. Land Bank property provides public access to the pond, while much of the surrounding area is owned by Mass Audubon Nantucket. The pond is home to various species, including striped bass, small bluefish, flounder, and American eels. An ideal place for bird watching, visitors can often see ospreys, great blue herons, egrets, long-tailed ducks, eiders, buffleheads, and more at this pond.


18 Sesachacha Road


From the Milestone rotary, drive east on Milestone Road for 0.3 miles before turning left onto Polpis Road. Continue on Polpis Road for 5 miles, then take a slight left onto Quidnet Road. Proceed on Quidnet Road for 1.1 miles, then take a right onto Sesachacha Road. The dirt parking area will be around the bend on the left side of the street.

Handicap Accessible

Property Marker

Nantucket Land Bank Sign Post

Land Bank trails are marked by the post shown here.