The Coast to Coast Trail

About the Coast to Coast Trail

The Coast to Coast Trail is just over 24 miles long and takes hikers across the island through a diverse array of habitats as they follow the sun, from east to west. This permanent route traverses land owned by Nantucket Land Bank, Nantucket Conservation Foundation, Mass Audubon, Town of Nantucket, and Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation.

The Coast to Coast Trail stands as a testament to the value the Nantucket community places on preserving the island’s natural resources. This incredible achievement would not have been possible without the commitment and foresight of our conservation partners over the years. We invite everyone to join us in celebrating this accomplishment by walking the route and experiencing Nantucket’s natural beauty in all its glory.

Trail Markers

Please note that all trail markers are installed with the intention of hiking the trail from east to west to follow the sun throughout the day and end with a west coast sunset. You can also follow the route by downloading the ACKTrails app and selecting the Coast to Coast Trail or by picking up a paper map at the Land Bank office.

Coast to Coast Trail Markers

Coast to Coast Ecology

Though Nantucket is a small island, it is home to a wide variety of habitat types and ecosystems. Throughout its 24 miles, the Coast to Coast Trail guides hikers through many of these ecologically disparate landscapes, which are the result of the dynamic glacial processes that formed Nantucket.

As you walk the Coast to Coast Trail, you will pass through globally rare sandplain grasslands, coastal heathlands, scrub oak shrublands, and pitch pine barrens, which are home to a variety of endangered species that utilize early successional habitats. The trail meanders through various hardwood forests made up of resilient oaks, tupelos, and maples that are able to withstand the relentless wind and salt spray of island life. Our valuable water resources are also exhibited as you pass by wetlands, bogs, salt marshes, three out of four of Nantucket’s Great Ponds, and of course, the Atlantic Ocean.

Trail sections

The trail consists of six sections, creating shorter hikes for those who do not plan to walk the entire 24 miles in a single day. Each section has at least one parking area on the eastern end and some have more than one along the length of the trail segment.

Lead photo by Bill Hoenk


End of Hoicks Hollow Road


The Coast to Coast trailhead and parking lot are located in ‘Sconset, just past Sesachacha Pond. From Polpis Road, take a left onto Hoicks Hollow Road. The parking lot and trailhead are located at the very end of Hoicks Hollow Road.

Property Marker

Nantucket Land Bank Sign Post

Land Bank trails are marked by the post shown here.