Scoop the Poop!

White Dog

The Land Bank owns some of the most beautiful trails, beaches, parks, and open space on the island. We are passionate about providing the community with a variety of use options on these properties. We also take great pride in the presentation and maintenance of Land Bank properties. They are here for the entire community to enjoy no matter what your passion or hobbies may be. Our philosophy is a simple one – enjoy your experience, respect the land, treat the property like you would your own, and adhere to our “pack in pack out” philosophy.

For the most part, visitors that are using the properties are very respectful and this philosophy goes without saying. However, there is one issue that is becoming a growing problem not only here on Nantucket but also nationally, and that issue is dog poop. Dog poop not only smells but it is unsightly, especially on a pristine beach, in the middle of a park, or along your favorite trail. Stepping in it will ruin one’s experience in the moment, but most importantly dog poop is known to cause health risks to other pets and humans. The issue is getting so bad that it is starting to create some hard feelings between those pet owners who take responsibility for their animals, those who do not own pets, and those pet owners who do not regularly perform their dog poop clean-up duties.

Several state, local, and private agencies across the country have taken some severe measures to address the issue of dog poop. The Land Bank would prefer to ask you to recognize our “pack in, pack out” philosophy which means pack out everything including your dog’s poop. It’s your dog, so it’s your poop.

There are hundreds of websites available to help make your dog pooping in public places a stress-free experience. And once you get the routine down, picking up after your dog is actually pretty simple. Buy a box of biodegradable doggie bags and a small sealed container for your vehicle. After your dog poops, pick it up with your baggie, place it in your sealed container for the ride home  and then throw it in the trash. It is a pretty simple solution to a gross and potentially harmful problem. Let’s all do our part to keep this island poop-free.