In Appreciation

Ralph and Sylvia Marble at Miacomet Golf Course

The Land Bank would like to thank Donn Russell for his donation of daffodils and trees which were planted last fall near Consue Springs at its park on the corner of Orange and Union Streets. Donn made the donation in memory of his life partner and longtime summer resident, Charles Arthur Schaefer, who was a talented gardener that passed away in 2014. Arthur’s gardens were well-known — especially his roses — and were frequently photographed and featured in publications. Town Arborist Dave Champoux and company performed the landscaping work, and as a result of the donation this highly viable public park has been beautified for all who pass by.

The Land Bank also would like to thank Neil Paterson for his donation of time and materials for a plaque installation dedicated to Ralph and Sylvia Marble at Miacomet Golf Course, located on an old well just forward of the tee boxes on the 8th hole. The plaque is a tribute to the recreational opportunities the Marbles provided to the island community in decades past, without which we would not have the 18-hole, award-winning public golf course we have today.