Property Spotlight: Hinsdale Park 

Girl playing at Discovery Playground

Photo by Bill Hoenk

The Land Bank’s Hinsdale Park, located at 50 Old South Road, is a multi-use area dedicated to outdoor play, fitness, and community gathering. There’s something for everyone at this park, including a playground, a nature play area, mowed athletic fields, a labyrinth, a trail system, and there’s even more coming soon! 

Discovery Playground

The Discovery Playground, located at the main entrance to this property, is an inclusive, STEAM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) play area. This was a collaborative effort between the Land Bank and Maria Mitchell Association, with support from the Nantucket Cottage Hospital, Community Health Initiative, and the Town of Nantucket/Community Preservation Act. With multiple climbing structures, zip lines and adult fitness equipment, “this playground is the ideal place to spend a day with your kids: there is something for every age and ability” (Yesterday’s Island). 

Photos by Bill Hoenk

Nature Play Area

Next to the playground, children can enjoy the Nature Play Area, constructed by the Land Bank Field Crew with materials sourced from the island. Natural playgrounds have many benefits for children, from helping to develop fine motor skills to encouraging imagination and creativity.  

More Adventures

In addition to these engaging play areas, a dirt trail from the parking lot leads to the athletic fields, the labyrinth, and a single-track trail system through the neighboring forest. These trails connect to the Milestone Road bike path, and the Land Bank’s Sheep Commons property. Endless adventures can begin right from Hinsdale Park. 

Trail and labyrinth
Photo by Bill Hoenk

Community Garden

And if that wasn’t enough, we are introducing something new to this park! The Land Bank team is currently working to install a new community garden here. Our goal is to provide year-round island residents with a source of inexpensive and nutritious food, an opportunity for physical outdoor activity, and a source of personal and community pride, all in a convenient mid-island location (click here to learn more). Earlier this year we opened a lottery for the public to sign up for the chance to be assigned a free garden plot and winners were selected at random. We cannot wait to see what our Land Bank gardeners grow this season! 

Community Garden: Garden Beds Being Built

Hinsdale Park is a unique property because it features all the Land Bank’s purposes – conservation, recreation, and agriculture – all in one place!  But for those seeking more in the way of recreation, the Land Bank also has other properties worth visiting such as the Codfish Park Playground, public golf courses (Miacomet Golf Course and Sconset Golf Course), paddle & pickleball courts, and our dog park. We hope you enjoy these places as much as we do, and best wishes for a great summer!