Millbrook Woods & Heritage Orchard

The Millbrook Woods property bookends Massachusetts Audubon’s Lost Farm property, which abuts the Land Bank’s Gardner Farm on its other side. Together, these three properties total over 200 acres of continuous open space, and over 5.5 miles of trails.

These trails pass through stately pitch pine forests with a lush sedge understory. This habitat is ideal for bats, particularly the endangered northern long-eared bat, which has a stable population on Nantucket. The trails wend their way through this rich ecosystem leading visitors through Mass Audubon property before crossing once again onto the Land Bank’s Gardner Farm property. Much of this trail system runs parallel to Hummock Pond Road.

Just southeast of the Millbrook Woods parking area, the Land Bank is partnering with a local farmer to establish Nantucket’s first apple orchard, known as the Millbrook Heritage Orchard. This is one of our local agriculture initiatives which is intended to make the apple picking experience available to islanders while highlighting the historical significance of heritage apple varieties.

To learn more about the orchard click here.

Near the orchard are several distinct hawthorn trees whose late spring blooms give off a sweet odor throughout this area.


60 Millbrook Road


Drive Southwest on Hummock Pond Road. From the intersection of Hummock Pond Road and Somerset Lane, continue 0.2 miles and turn right onto Millbrook Road. Drive 0.7 miles, and then turn left into the dirt parking lot. Alternatively, the parking area may be accessed by turning onto Millbrook Road from Madaket Road. After making the turn onto Millbrook Road and driving 0.5 miles, the parking area is on the right.

Property Marker

Nantucket Land Bank Sign Post

Land Bank trails are marked by the post shown here.