Preserving and Expanding Local Agriculture

Nantucket Grown Food

In 1850, there were more than 100 farms on Nantucket. Today, there are less than 20. From protecting pastoral landscapes to providing greater acreage for cultivation, the Land Bank is helping to support local farmers and food production in our community. These efforts are reflected in the recent purchase of the Community Garden property, as well as collaborations with other conservation organizations to help preserve Bartlett Farm and Moors End Farm.

Conservation, recreation and agriculture for the benefit of the public in perpetuity.

In addition, the Land Bank has partnered with Sustainable Nantucket by providing eight acres of land for their Community Farm Institute, which offers agricultural apprenticeships to aspiring farmers and increases the availability of fresh food on the island. This collective effort helps to safeguard the island’s community character, while contributing to its economic vitality.

We encourage Nantucketers to support our island farmers, and buy local.