Shawkemo Highlands

To reach the Shawkemo Hills trail system, take the first right hand turn off of Polpis Road after North Pasture Lane. On your right is a dirt parking area that provides access to several trails that can be walked as loops or used to connect to the Middle Moors. These trails illustrate the influence of the last ice age on Nantucket’s topography. The southern trail rises to 94 feet and offers stunning views of the Middle Moors and Nantucket Harbor. These formations are the Shawkemo Hills, which are one example of the sediment deposits left behind after the Laurentide glacier receded approximately 18,000 years ago.

Property Marker

Nantucket Land Bank Sign Post

Land Bank trails are marked by the post shown here. Most Land Bank trails are created as loops and if you follow the arrows—the trail should return you to where you began.