Smooth Hummocks Coastal Preserve

The Smooth Hummocks Coastal Preserve provides a beautiful location to walk along the south shore of the island and serves as a gateway to some of Nantucket’s most popular beaches. In addition, Smooth Hummocks contains some of the best examples of sandplain grassland and heathland plant communities. These globally rare habitats are located predominantly on the east coast and are being increasingly threatened by development pressure and natural succession. Currently, over eighty percent of the remaining sandplain habitat in the world is found on Nantucket, Tuckernuck and Martha’s Vineyard.

The main trail system at Smooth Hummocks is accessed by the parking area at the end of Mizzenmast Road. From here, a series of trails travel south along Miacomet Pond and join the dirt roads within Smooth Hummocks. Parking is available at beach accesses on the south shore, off West Miacomet Road and Mizzenmast Road.


Take Surfside Road to Bartlett Road, which becomes Raceway Drive after a sharp right turn. At the stop sign, take a left onto Somerset Road. Follow Somerset around to the left and then to the right as it turns into a dirt road. There is a small dirt parking area on the left.

Property Marker

Nantucket Land Bank Sign Post

Land Bank trails are marked by the post shown here. Most Land Bank trails are created as loops and if you follow the arrows—the trail should return you to where you began.