Codfish Park Playground

Located in historic Codfish Park, the playground property was generously donated by the Lockhart Family in 1995. The original playground was located on the beach. However, due to erosion, the play structures had to be moved inland. The swings and slide were moved to their current location in 1998 and, with generous contributions from numerous ‘Sconset families, the entire park was recently renovated. While there is no designated parking area, the playground is easily accessed on foot and there are bike racks on site. Parking is available nearby at the beach or in ‘Sconset Village.

Photos by Bill Hoenk


4 Codfish Park Road


Leaving town, follow the Milestone Road into the village of Sconset. At the Sconset rotary, take a right on Ocean Avenue and bear left immediately onto Gully Road. Gully Road passes under a bridge and turns sharply to the left. The playground will be on your left shortly after the road turns.

Handicap Accessible

Handicapped amenities include handicapped parking to accommodate wheelchairs, a wheelchair-accessible picnic table, and rubberized pathways around the park.

Property Marker

Nantucket Land Bank Sign Post

Land Bank trails are marked by the post shown here.